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Clean electric parts basket

Electric basket, with the social progress gradually been widely used up construction of auxiliary equipment, especially highly favored construction site units. Although the application of electric basket is rapidly promote them, but to want to maximize the efficiency of the device, then you should do the maintenance work, cleaning and electric basket components is one of the important aspects.
A: The attachment surface electric wire rope basket on a good job cleaning, and regular inspection exclude the presence of security risks defect trends.
Two: the periodic inspection of electric basket rotation mechanism, fasteners, etc., should be cleaned of contaminants such as discovery, if there should be firmly loose good, such as surface defects serious measures should be prepared to repair or replace, so as to effectively prevent potential safety hazards from occurring.
III: Electric safety locks basket can play the role of escort at the time of wire rope failure, it is necessary to do the cleaning and maintenance work for the safe lock, safe lock avoid the malfunction or failure caused the accident.
Four: long-term in a less harsh environments will often have some electrical boxes and other debris from entering the interior, we need to periodically check for these key components do the work, while for higher sealing requirements should be checked regularly whether there is leakage and other abnormalities.

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