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Advantages basket wire rope products

Rope basket construction which is a common engineering materials, because of their being used in large-scale construction projects, therefore, concerned about the safety factor and the quality of construction workers most products.
1, the load capacity of wire rope basket higher to support long-distance transmission, compared with similar products, which obviously call the problem of short transmission distance.
2, wire rope basket has its own safety device can protect the safety of construction workers. At the same time, the product quality is not easy to have any impact on the project.
3, the rope basket lighter, therefore, easy to install and transport, the installation process can save a lot of trouble. In addition, in the transport process, can be placed only alone, without adding space.
4, in the experiment that, the basket wire rope can withstand the impact of heavy objects, in addition, it can withstand a variety of loads and forces generated by variable loads, while maintaining the same performance of the product itself.
5, subjected to tensile testing process, the industry found that the rope can withstand basket weighing several tons objects. It has better fatigue resistance, impact resistance.
6, the basket rope in high-speed operation, its wear-resistant, shock, stable and good operating performance. In addition, the functionality of the product itself is not affected in the slightest.
7, since the whole can be galvanized, dip oil products treated with preservatives, therefore, its excellent corrosion resistance, can be adapted to the presence of any harmful media in harsh environments, and to maintain the performance of the product itself is not affected, it is still normal jobs.

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