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How to properly store the basket in order to extend the life

After a period of many customers will be reflected in the basket used in the construction are easily damaged cause life is not long, especially in the rainy season, the basket of the surface layer of corrosion phenomena often occur when such a situation arises, the customer the first reaction would think that this is the basket itself caused by poor quality, it is not true, the reasons leading to the basket surface layer by corrosion because the user is actually way to preserve inappropriate, the other must make long-term in a moist basket environment, this will cause the outer layer of paint on the gondola contaminated rust off a long time the extent of corrosion of the basket will be more and more serious, directly led to the shortening of the life of the basket, especially for the North users who purchased a gondola in the summer and use it just after the end of the hold, and so on into the winter, it would be easy to be etched, the correct approach should be in the basket before winter to ensure it dry, dispose of it surface debris rain, then dry, then store in a dry environment, so as not to appear above the corrosion.
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