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Hanging basket and accessories



The role of electric basket accessories

Electric basket Accessories basket is the process of work can not be missing, the lives of the people and sometimes parts of the damage will seriously impact on the electric basket, when electric basket after the damaged parts, we should rush to replace.
Electric basket in one way or another there are many parts, accessories such electric basket conducive to better play its role in connection with the flat An Sheng basket frame body, since the rope diameter are used not less than φ13mm rope a long pass in the end arrangement. One approach is to use a rope basket rack bottom pocket and insurance Shengka prison (at least 4 deduction) for each card so little time left movements at 1m, detached from the basket case of load-bearing steel wire rope or chain bar, flat An Sheng Diaozhu basket rack to play the role. this method is cumbersome, each card will lift 1m a safety rope, and in case of loss, Ping An Sheng before will work no more than about 1m free fall impact. Safety self-locking device safety lock simply fixed to the basket frame body, and sets on the safe rope, normal lift can lift the safety lock with electric wire rope basket frame body along the insured, if the basket off, safety lock on the basket frame body can automatically lock on the safe rope. Safety locks using convenient, safe and reliable, and cantilever beam load rope and safety rope hanging on the roof, manipulate sequence and construction methods using electric basket down on the ground first chain assembled basket frame body is then re-pulling the rope through guidewire hole hoist hook to the direction of penetration, pressed, pulled forward handle back and forth, you can make the basket promotion, can handle back and forth toppled down, but not at the same time pulling the handle up and down. If the load-bearing reinforced bar chain for the boom, the first safety rope and steel chain hanging rod pinned to pick a good roof beam, then put down the lower part of the chain hanging chain rod steel rod chain Diaozhu basket.
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