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Electric basket installation method

Many workers in the use of electric basket, but you know how to install electric basket is it? Electric basket installation method is as follows: Check the electric basket safety lock movement is flexible, and pulled the pulley should be brisk, without jamming.
1, Check the electric hoist basket, pushed the button, the lift machine idle, watching functioning properly, without noise and jamming.
2, electric basket safety rope penetrate security lock, and with a heavy hammer to hang. Start hoist machine will penetrate the inner wire rope hoist rope shall be automatically out from the mouth of the rope.
3, electric basket apparatus must be read before installing the product manual, and training workers to operate, so that operators understand the working principle of the device, precautions and safety rules, can not be untrained posts.
4, according to electric basket icon basket assembly. With heavy rail should be provided with sufficient enough weight. Triple counterweight end torque electric basket should end torque (force × arm = torque) at each connection should be solid and reliable.
5, electric basket should be adjusted after assembly crane from the rope and safety lock. By moving the safety lock to reach the basket tilted 6 ° ~ 8 °, safety rope safety lock can lock up.
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